Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) background


Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID)

Hands-Free, Authorized Keyless Entry and Keyless Start Systems

RFID is the next level of RF remote control access, offering an increased level of security, with tags that are even more difficult to duplicate. RFID tags can either be actively battery powered or passive where it functions more like a key.

  • Secure “Access Authority” hierarchy protocol
  • RFID Tags are not easily duplicated creating another level of access security
  • Allows for highly customized functionality of equipment operation

The M110 and M130 series family offers hands-free operation for commercial truck applications. The use of electronic keys reduces maintenance costs and improves cargo and cab security while improving driver efficiencies.

The P1600 series SmartShield can detect an authorized transponder key in close proximity to the base station controller which then authorizes an action. Actions can include, locking / unlocking a door or an “OK” to start the vehicle. The electronic transponder keys use a 2-step identification process utilizing both RF and RFID signals which send a challenge/response code once the electronic key is detected. This type of system is used on most automotive cars and trucks to unlock and authorize engine start.

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