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Markets & Applications

If you can envision it, we can do it.

The range of applications for our wireless RF, RFID and Bluetooth controls and monitors is virtually limitless. Below are some more common uses, but rest assured if you can think of it, we can develop it.

law enforcement and first responder lighting control and canine temperature monitors

Law Enforcement & First Responders

Dependability is a must when lives are on the line. Digital and solid state lighting controllers for public safety applications improve reliability and expand user control capabilities. Setup to pair light outputs is made easier with this technology. Customized software and control interfacing make lighting option selections by the operator both more intuitive and accessible.

  • Police/emergency light bar controllers
  • Siren controls
  • Switch panels
  • Canine temperature/humidity monitors
  • Compartment lock / unlock
  • Gun lock
Touchtronics P1010
Touchtronics ANT13025
Touchtronics M120
Recreational Vehicle RV remote leveling, automatic truck bed cover controls and pool cover controls

Recreational & Consumer

  • RV remote leveling
  • Truck bed (tonneau) cover controllers
  • Pool cover controllers
Touchtronics TF2
Touchtronics Antenna
Touchtronics Switch
Boat and PWC lift remote controls

Boat/PWC lifts

  • Pier gang planks - This is a raising and lowering of gang planks installed on luxury yachts (some yachts are 100 feet long) and also swim platforms.
  • Handicap accessible lift chairs
Touchtronics TM2
Touchtronics P1600
Touchtronics Switch
Transit and Handicap Bus door controls and lift controls

Transit & Handicap

  • Bus door controls
  • Handicap vans and lift controls
Touchtronics TK2
Touchtronics TX4S
Touchtronics M110
Delivery and Utility Vehicle access controls, tow truck controls, crane and lift bucket controls

Delivery & Utility Vehicles

  • Vehicle access controls (cargo locks)
  • Tow truck controls
  • Cranes and bucket lift controls
  • Liftgate controllers
  • 5th wheel hitch indicators - commercial class 8 trucks
  • Fleet management
Touchtronics M190
Touchtronics M130
Touchtronics M825
Work and Industrial Truck Bucket lift controls, lift gate controls and truck tarp controls

Work & Industrial Trucks

  • Bucket lifts
  • Lift gates
  • Truck tarps
Touchtronics M2010
Touchtronics TP1
Touchtronics Wiring Harness

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